Friday, December 10, 2010

College Football - The Postseason is Here!

Yes! I cannot wait. My team, LSU, had a pretty good year. Even with the loss to Arkansas at the end, they were still 10-2, much better than we fans expected before the season started. If you translate that into a basketball record, it'd be like 25-5 and probably good for about a 3-seed in March Madness. So I like our chances in the football postseason. The SEC title was settled last weekend. So now let's get this postseason rolling. Where do we start? Who do we face first? When is our first postseason game??!!


That can't be right?! My team hasn't played since November 27th. Are you telling me I have to wait 41 days between games? And then the game doesn't even matter?! There is no hope of anything more than an 11th win or 3rd loss?

41 days? That's longer than the entire Justin Beiber fad, isn't it? The Beatles recorded their first album in 10 hours and I have to wait 41 days to watch a football game?

By January 7th, I'm ready for the NFL playoffs, NCAA basketball conference games, the NBA All-Star game, BLOGATHON, maybe the BCS title game if I care about either team. But some random, meaningless bowl game?

And speaking of the BCS and bowl games, my new favorite angry blogger, Sean O., must be so happy that his team (UConn) gets to play in a(n equally as meaningless) BCS game! I mean, it must feel great to know that you had a worse record in a much weaker conference than numerous other teams yet you still get to play an "important" game. And I'm guessing every game didn't really matter as much as Sean thinks it did, considering his team lost to Louisville 26-0. In fact, they could've won three of the four games they lost and still would've ended up where they are now!

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Allen Wedge said...

Actually UConn could have won ALL their games and they'd still be in a meaningless Orange Bowl... just like Cincinnati last year