Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My final Cubs post of the year

First I'd like to point out that, while I may have said some things about Kosuke Fukudome on this blog in the past, I am now back on the Fuku-Train. Why? Well, because Wedge gave me a Fukudome jersey for Christmas! I'm his #1 fan now. Unfortunately, even if he starts off having a great year, I fear this will only increase his trade value and probability.

Also, I'd like to note that I finally watched the episode of Undercover Boss that featured Todd Ricketts, co-owner of the Cubs. First I must point out that Ricketts himself was pretty terrible. I'm not great at a lot of things, but I think I could hose down a bathroom. Also, I'm pretty confident I could sell my last four hot dogs and not have to throw them away. It's a baseball game at Wrigley Field. How hard is it to sell hot dogs??

Still, it was a lot of fun to see some of the employees behind the scenes and to see what their lives are like. We all know so much goes into preparing these stadiums for games, so to see this taking place at Wrigley Field, my favorite sports facility, was great. I haven't been to Wrigley in over 20 years, and now I'm ready to get back. If you're a Cubs fan, or even just a baseball fan, try to check this episode out.


Allen Wedge said...

The cubs undercover boss was an ok episode; I agree he's a lazy dude who seems to have fallen into money... but it could have been worse....much worse

On the NASCAR episode, Firstly he was the CMO who worked out of NASCAR's main office in Florida, but lived in NYC; meaning NASCAR pays to fly him in and out of Florida each week. Yet they talked about declining money... Then the dude didn't even do any jobs within NASCAR's official comnpany; instead he played around with a team's pit crew, played around with some volunteer high-school cheerleader parents running a concessions stand, a track worker and at the end of the whole thing he learned nothing and changed no policies for NASCAR. Instead he just offered the people he met some personal/financial help. No new policy on how to help all employees, just help to the 4-5 people he met. The whole thing was just a free advertising attempt that for me seemed to go horribly wrong. And whats sad is the episode exposed some serious issues with NASCAR (no pension plan for drivers/pit crews; no diversity, prices too high, treatment of employees is not good), and they didn't even mention caring about them as a whole just "yeah gee I guess that sucks, we swear we care".

Mike said...

Ha! I'll check that one out next. I'm kind of hooked on this show, but I only watch the episodes if I care at all about the company in any way. Like, the White Castle and 7-11 episodes. While I never go to these places, they are such a part of our culture that it was still interesting to watch. I have no desire to watch the Waste Management or Roto-Rooter episodes. I suppose I may watch the Hooters one.