Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top 5 Sports Fights

Here in Nashville, all I've heard about for the past week is the big fight between Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan.

I don't really care about either team. I thought it was funny that Finnegan basically knew what to do to get Johnson kicked out of the game. It just didn't matter because the Titans had no offense anyway.

Either way, the fight wasn't very good and doesn't crack my Top 5 Sports Fights.

5. The Racing Dad Fight - This is for our Indy fans. I know this stuff goes on sometimes, but I like this one because you get parental involvement. Reminds me of little league baseball.

4. The Ninja Kick Opening - This a great way to start a baseball fight and ensure that you get at least one good shot on an opposing player.

3. The China/Brazil Basketball Fight - I like when #8 and #14 go at it around 1:25.

2. The Hockey Staredown - How long would they have done this? Like, if no one had broken it up, they could STILL be doing this!

1. The Bike Fight - This fall was my first semester of college and I remember a lot of it pretty well. People's Court, Love Connection, and a new discovery known as taco salads tried very hard to keep me from going to class. OJ Simpson went to court. Cal Ripken broke the record. And these two guys dropped their bikes and tried to fight in the street. Best sports fight ever.

Honorable Mention - While this is not really a "fight," I promise, any brawl in the history of brawls would be improved by the addition of this:

***I should note that MLB does not allow any of their fights to be on youtube, so we're missing some great ones here. Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura is probably my favorite. Also, there are so many good high school and college fights out there. Stay tuned for more fight lists in the future!

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