Thursday, January 6, 2011

30 For 30: Silly Little Game



This documentary was pretty fun. The goofy reenacted scenes got a little old, but it was still a great story.

It reminded me of when I joined my first fantasy baseball league in 1998 and we kept our own stats via boxscores. (I was immediately hooked and started my current football dynasty league that year and also did this league's stats by hand.)

My favorite part is when we learn that the man who invented fantasy baseball finished the first season in 7th place. He learned right away what we all quickly learned: this takes as much luck as skill.


The Speedgeek said...

Interesting review, Ron. This "30 for 30" (along with I think, 13 other episodes) is still sitting on the TiVo, awaiting my attention. Mrs. Speedgeek and I have been watching them together, but she's given me spcial dispensation with "Silly Little Game" to watch it by myself, because she has no interest. Would there be anything in this one that a fantasy sports neophyte might find interesting?

Mike said...

I actually realized that I initially left off my rating (8/10).

My wife has played in fantasy leagues, but she just rolled her eyes at this movie. It gets really silly sometimes.

I really liked it because, like the game of baseball itself, this game was perfect from the very beginning. It's the same game we play today, right down to the lucky draft picks and the aggressive owners always trying to rip you off in trades.

You will probably be entertained, but I imagine your wife made a good call by giving you the green light!

(This is the 3rd one I've watched and I want to try to tackle them all eventually. I'll add reviews as I go.)