Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 For 30 (Sports Documentary) Wish List: The Tales of Albert and Jason

If I told you that there was once a player who got caught cheating using a corked bat... not because the bat broke, not because he accidentally mentioned it, or because a former friend ratted him out... but because the opposing coach "got a tip" from an unnamed source.

Then after they confiscated his bat in the middle of the game and put it in the umpires storage area, an unnamed teammate climbed through the ceiling falling down into the area, swapping the corked bat with a teammates normal one. Then the umps immediately knew because the 2nd bat belonged to another player, people got suspended, then both players involved went on to other controversy including steroids and fights with fans... you'd want to see that documentary right?

Whats so remarkable about Albert Belle's corked bat, and Jason Grimsley's not-so-covert mission-impossible to get the bat; is that they were dumb enough to use another player's easily recognizable bat (Because it had the other players name written on it!). Years later Omar Vizquel wrote in a book that they had to use a different player's to switch because ALL of Albert's bats were corked. Belle went from hero in Cleveland to bouncing around teams and out of the league, Grimsley didn't admit to his covert mission till years later, but even after that he later resurfaced in the steroid scandal (which is a whole other documentary in itself)...

I'd watch it anyways...

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