Sunday, January 30, 2011

4 Hours to Go and still 6 on the lead lap

For those who weren't up with us or the race all night, you have no idea what it took for teams to create that headline. At some point in this race, every single team in the Top 6 (lead lap currently) was 1, or more, laps down.This is exactly why you don't give up in endurance racing... and also why you take advantage of 15+ caution periods.

Its a dang shame that Patrick Dempsey and his team lost the GT lead, because they more than earned it with their driving, including Patrick himself proving he's not just an actor jumping into a car. Plus I do love when anything but Porsche can win GT seeing as there's always like 117 of them entered. Dempsey for the time is 4 laps down, so cautions could get them there, but its not likely at this point anymore, not to mention the #40 is still having a few issues.

And definitely of note is Flying Lizard, repeatredly putting down the fastest laps in the race, but still stuck17 laps down because of their early incident... they WILL be the favorites to win this race for now on.

As for the contending DPs, I think we'd just like to see the two Ganassi cars go at it, its not like Montoya has been easy on anyone else and he's in the car now... just hoping to see things tighten up a little... because I'm greedy.

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