Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Kinds of Wow

It's been a wild and crazy Saturday of Blogathon. The Daytona 24 Hours has been jam packed with action. My declaration during our podcast of taking the "under" on 20 crashes has proved to be wildly ill advised. It seems like we've had about 47 already, and we still have some 15 hours left. What's happened?
  • Both Ganassi cars went laps down early, the #01 due to needing to change out gear ratios, the #02 due to cutting up tires like a guy at a retreading service on an episode of Dirty Jobs I once saw. However, at press time (um, as I type this), the Ganassi cars run 2nd and 3rd and within 10 seconds of the leader.
  • The Michael Shank cars have all avoided catastrophe thus far and even ran 1-2-3 for a few glorious laps.
  • The pole sitting Flying Lizard dominated the first hour with some crazy speed in the hands of Joerg Bergmeister, but have run into a few different problems (sorry, Mike).
  • Oswaldo Negri hit nearly every car on the track at one point.
  • The GT class has played bumper cars with each other and the DPs, but saying that is like saying "Saturday comes after Friday".

Meanwhile, there was some basketball that I completely ignored, I got beat at Mario Kart about 1,265 times, I just tuned into the NASCAR Not-An-All Star Showdown, only to see my guy German Quiroga get taken out along with Travis Pastrana in some other dude's wreck, Shane Rogers is updating us from moment to moment from the other side of the globe on a sport for which I understand about 0.01% of the rules (I hear that a ball is involved), and it feels like we're just getting started. Oh, and a Ganassi car now leads. What can I say? It's been a weird Saturday. I'm off to bed. See everybody in the morning.

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