Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are you ready for the early hours?

Shane Rogers joins us as one of our guests for the 3rd Annual Blogathon
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Hi All,

Are you ready for the early hours?

I am.

Well, actually, I'm not.

I just rolled out of bed at 11am Australian Eastern Daylight Time to see fellow Antipodean Ryan Briscoe in P2, and just realised (sic) I have no bread, and no feed to speak of other than Ice Cream and Beer.

So while friends are having fun watching V8Supercar tests, or telling rally drivers where to go, and the significant other is doing her last day at work before moving more outback (I mean, seriously, how the heck am I meant to get flowers *there*?), I'll be hitting the supermarket to sort out supplies, before hitting the Grab Bag Sports deep deep deep deep South office in Melbourne, Australia to take you through the night at Daytona.

As well as the race, I'll be taking you through the 5th Cricket One Day International between 1-Australia and 5-England in Brisbane (Preview), as well as the Australian Open tennis final between 3-Novak Djokovic and 5-Andy Murray (details here) just up the road from me at Melbourne Park.

See you soon.

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