Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Blogathon First...

So there we have it, Australia defeats England, and not very shortly after Djokovic wins his second major, defeating Andy Murray in straight sets. It was a very odd match in that Murray was jawing at the refs and seeming defeated from the moment the match started. I'm not sure if he was already psyched out or not, but Djokovic was easily the better player today.

And with that brings up a Blogothon first. For the first time since we've been doing this thing, there is now a 2-1/2 hour gap without live sports on TV or accessible in the U.S. I'm at a loss for what to do really, for two years now I've stayed up for 25 hours straight commentating on whats happening in the world of sports, while keeping up with Daytona.

there are cars in this picture
Speaking of the 24 Hours of Daytona, they've literally been under a yellow-flag caution for an hour straight now. The reason was originally a car crashed into the tire barrier, but has since become a serious fog issue; and for those unfamiliar, you do NOT mess with fog. Whats interesgting is that they haven't simply gone red-flag (while the NASCAR All-Stars of people you never heard of except Travis Pastrana) race earlier had 3 red flags.

So of the interesting is the predicament I'm in, just 2 short years ago I'd have none, because SPEED used to come back in for morning coverage of Daytona at 7pm. I'd simply be watching Djokovic getting his trophy and flipping over, but now I'm waiting till 9am for something... I guess I could find some things to ramble on about, or catch a quick rest, or maybe I'll just head over to the awesome TRG Pit-interview webcam they've done for all the race thus far...


PipSTA said...

This is most odd. Nothing is on. The only thing other than the Daytona 24 is some crazy cycling race in Italy, but there's no coverage of that anyhow. Just a load of Italian (and, looking at the route and the cyclists involved, probably not any good racing). How did this happen?

Pat W said...

There's fog and NO red flag? That's a first for me, what's the points of running behind the safety car for an hour, do they think they'll dry the track or something?

Manchester City in the FA Cup in a little while or an Arsenal game right now. Not much else.

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