Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Champion's Rights to #1

We've talked paint schemes and car numbers here in the past; in fact we even used car numbers to correctly predict the Formula One champion this past year... somethuing that still baffles us :)

But when it comes to NASCAR and IndyCar there's one thing that takes root that I kind of wish didn't. The champion always opts out of using his rightfully gained option for putting #1 on the car. Its done for sponsorship reasons, and I get that... but I'd think a sponsor would love that; make a shirt or sign or campaign that consists of people spray painting an X over the old number and then painting #1 next to it. What sponsor wouldn't want to be called #1?

But lets put that aside for a second... Chip Ganassi's IndyCars and Gran-Am cars have the same sponsor... yet he uses #1 in Grand-Am but not in IndyCar... or can someone clarify for me if his using #01 is technically not the champions number because of the 0 in it?

What are your thoughts on use of the champions #1 on a car?


Pat W said...

If the driver/team has a recognised number then keep it, otherwise use the #1. They earned it and it is actually very prestigious.
Really the only one currently who shouldn't is Valentino Rossi with his #46.

PipSTA said...

Champions should use number 1. But so many don't. Not just in Indycar, but also MotoGP, and probably a load more. It just isn't right.

Caution out. It looks like a good race for the DPs, you have to look a long way down the order to find a car that can't make up or lose positions (within the normal scope of things). The 01 and 02 have a battle for the lead (they should be allowed to race), 23 and 9 for third, 76 and 6 for fifth, and the quietly doing their buisness 10 has got the 5 and the 55 threatening. I also hope that Flying Lizard make up tenth.