Sunday, January 30, 2011

Closing things out

As I sit here marveling at the fact that the photographers won't let Scott Pruett get out of the car yet, I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to all the readers who joined us for our 3rd year of marathon posting/chatting/tweeting. Thanks to our guest writers Shane, Pat, Steph, Paul, James and Tony for chipping in and posting on our site simply because we asked.

And also definitely much thanks to our guests for the new guest live-chatting we did this year; Alex Tagliani, Tony Cotman and Ryan McGee; all 3 guys I'm sure have busy schedules, and we along with the fans here much appreciated the chats.

Thanks to all our participants in the "Ask a Blogger" chat, bloggers and fans both; and thanks for all of you who joined in for 5 great rounds of MarioKart, and 5 rounds of hating the blue turtle shell.

Congrats to Chip Ganassi Racing on capturing their 4th Daytona 24 Hours win in 6 years, it almost feels like 6 for 6 with how well that team performs. Congrats to TRG for getting one of their seven hundred and ninety two Porsches to win the GT class, I kid, I kid, another great victory for them.

Most of all congrats to all the pit crews for all the cars in the race, those guys are the REAL warriors of the weekend, those guys do ALL the pit stops through the 24 hours, taking small short naps when they can, waking up at a moments notice as needed for emergency stops, and doing some wicked repairs on what these cars manage to break over 24 hours.

I'll close it out the way we opened it up; happy racing season everyone!


Pat W said...

I hate that when they leave the guy in the car then he has to do his 'whoop I won' thing belatedly, almost put on. Much better to have him drive up, jump out and run around the parc ferme / victory lane. Much better photos and emotion than all this staged nonsense.

I'm a convert this year, what a great race to start the motorsports season.

F1 testing and launches this week.
And so it begins. Bring it on.

99forever said...

Thanks for hosting us, guys! It was a blast once again.