Saturday, January 1, 2011

Death to the BCS: My Review

[Note: When I do reviews online, I like to stick to 100 words or less. I feel like that's enough for me to let you know my opinion without giving away any major details. However, because these guys sent us their awesome book, I made an exception and allowed myself 250 words, which was still really tough. Of course, if you'd like more info, please read Wedge's review on the same book.]

Death to the BCS by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan

9/10 stars

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There is no denying that (A) these guys have done a tremendous amount of research to determine that their proposed 16-team college football playoff would be best for everyone involved in the sport and (B) no one wins in the current bowl system. No one, that is, besides the "Cartel," which is how the authors refer to the current system's leaders.

My only negative is that the book is more about their proposed playoff than an overall BCS removal. No other alternatives are really given much merit.

That being said, their playoff proposal is absolutely solid. Not being a finance guy myself, I can only believe the experts interviewed about that side of it. For me, as a fan, I just love the potential of what is shown on the back cover. And you should too:

This is the result of giving spots to the 11 conference champions and then awarding 5 at-large bids. Think of it as December Madness. The current bowl games would take place during the week, with this NFL-style playoff being played on December weekends on the campuses of the higher seeds.

Without even getting into the money side of this (you'll likely be furious when you see how much money is wasted and how much these schools LOSE by playing in these meaningless bowl games), if this proposed playoff doesn't appeal to you... then you must be in the Cartel.

Buy this book.

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