Sunday, January 30, 2011

fun blogathon thoughts for the future

Last night I talked to Wedge about possibly taking thing up a notch next year and trying to to raise money for a charity.  The name "blogathon" actually comes from something I participated in back in 2002 where we did post for 24 hours to raise money.  But if we do it, it would make us sound a lot less nerdy when I have to explain to people why I can't hang out this weekend, why I'm taking off of work tomorrow, etc.  (I really don't care about that stuff honestly, but I do think it'd be cool to raise money.)  So if you have any thoughts/ideas about helping us do that next year, let me know!

Also, I was thinking we need to just plan this out and do it right one year.  GRAB BAG SPORTS ROAD TRIP.  I love Daytona.  I've been there like four times.  Let's do it one year.  I can't swing it next year and probably not 2013 either.  But I do think it could be fun to invite all of you and see how many people could make it down there to hang out.  Any thoughts?

(Go ahead and file this post under: Mike gets one hour of sleep, has severe wisdom tooth pain, and posts about his stupid ideas.)

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