Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funny-Shaped Balls

Next weekend sees another fantastic weekend of sports, there's no racing but there are some great field games featuring non-spherical playing objects.

The Superbowl late on Sunday night (UK time) should be good, I know nothing at all of the teams but I watched my first last year and it was absolutely Superb. Didn't see any Owls. Even if you don't understand more than half of what is happening you can never misunderstand the scoreboard and the energy coming through the screen was unbelievable. Really looking forward to this year's edition.

Before that there are the opening three games of the 2011 RBS Six Nations, in which the component nations of the UK split up to fight themselves and others on the field. England, Scotland, Wales, a combined Ireland (North and South), France and Italy.

Three games per week for a month. It starts Friday at 7.45pm GMT (2.45pm ET) with Wales v England, followed on Saturday by Italy v Ireland (2.30pm GMT / 9.30am ET) and France v Scotland (5pm GMT / Midday ET). All are live on the BBC if you can catch a feed, not that I'm promising to watch all of them but I'll be tweeting during the ones I do (and the Superbowl).

There was a memorable finish to one game in particular last year. Scotland ran all over Wales for most of the game, not a spectacular hour - but that was until 10 minutes from time when a Scottish player was sent off the field (sin-binned).

What makes this is actually the commentary because the lead commentator is Scottish and the colour commentator Welsh - hear the passion! As the video starts Wales are 10 points down but have a man advantage, there are just 7 minutes remaining... can they do it or could the resilient Scottish hold on?

As they say, rugby is a game played by men with funny-shaped balls.

I think I'm heading out in half an hour, for about an hour. See you for the finish.


The Speedgeek said...

Holy smokes, just had time to watch this. I felt like I could only understand maybe 20% of what was going on, but that was crazy tense. Just incredible.

Pat W said...

What makes it is the lack of time, really tense.

I'd forgotten to mention although you probably noticed, the game was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and chock full of vocal Welsh fans!