Friday, January 7, 2011

Holy crap, they did it.

The Cubs pulled off the trade for Matt Garza. I thought this was just another crazy off-season rumor, but they actually did it. I'm not going to say Garza will lead my team to the World Series. I'm just thrilled that this new ownership is doing all they can to get quality players on the field in 2011. I can only imagine the success the Cubs could've had if they'd been willing to trade guys like Corey Patterson and Felix Pie earlier than they did.

Baseball is the worst when it comes to labeling guys as future stars. (The term "Rated Rookie" surely brings hilarious images to the minds of all of us who collected cards in the 80s and 90s and recall players with potential who never made an impact in the Major Leagues.) Sure, Hak-Ju Lee is highly-touted. But with Starlin Castro already playing well, he was blocked anyway. Chris Archer definitely showed promise. But Garza is proven.

This also will allow the Cubs to make another trade from the Major League roster, as they now have more than enough starters. Possible trades could include Tom Gorzelanny, Jeff Samardzija... even Carlos Zambrano.

No matter what, it's awesome that they're taking a chance.

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