Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's play "Guess What Mike's Watching"

If you guessed a college basketball game between Stony Brook and Hartford, then you win!

This gym is smaller than the high school gym we mentioned in our podcast when we were talking about Glory Road.  And it's only half full.  Maybe these are high schools?  The feed itself is funny.  No graphics, no score.  They're using a picture-in-picture with another camera focused (at a quite terrible angle) on the scoreboard.  I can't even make it out.


Jackie said...

This is exciting, I've never watched Daytona before. Is there anything special I should be looking out for or odd rules I need to know about?

Mike said...

Thos are certainly questions for Wedge, SpeedGeek, or anyone else hanging around this site over the next two days besides me. I know very little about the racing stuff and I actually cannot even find the race online, which is what I was hoping to be able to do. So I'm talking (to myself) about basketball right now.

Speaking of which, this game is about to be changed soon. Not because the broadcast itself is so bad... and it is bad. But because the basketball is BAD. I mean, I grew up with SEC, I went to a Conference USA college, and during my most passionate basketball years my favorite team was in the Sun Belt. So I've seen different levels. But this is like... lower division high school quality all around.

Off to search some more for that race!

Pat W said...


Allen Wedge said...

Jackie, for Daytona, all you really need to know is whoever crosses the line in the lead at 24 hours wins.

theres 2 classes DP and GT (DP is faster, GT looks like stock bodies)

Also any drive must take a mandatory 1 hour rest after he gets out a car, and no driver can do more than (i think) 14 hours of driving for a weekend.

Mike said...

Pat, thanks for saving my life! (Or at least the weekend.)

We all know some dude for Stony Brook is going to break a record with 101 points just because I turned that game off.