Sunday, January 9, 2011

the most "crippling" penalty?

This is a quote from the Westwood One radio broadcast of the Ravens/Chiefs game:

"And now we have an intentional grounding penalty. This is the most crippling penalty of all in the NFL, because first you say, 'Yeah, we got away with that just now.' But then ninety seconds later, here comes the flag."

Let's look at this quote for a minute.

1. Is this really the worst penalty? What about holding in the endzone? Or pass interference in the endzone? If you only go from 1st-and-10 to 2nd-and-20, I'd take that over some other penalties and even over a sack if the sack would cost more than ten yards.

2. Is the quarterback (or anyone else) really celebrating the idea that they just away with something? Is Tom Brady going into the huddle saying, "Dude, did you see that? (Looks around.) I totally just intentionally grounded that ball. (Looks around again.) The refs didn't even notice. Don't say anything, OK?"

3. And come on. Ninety seconds? Where does that number even come from? That's a very specific number to just throw out there. Does he realize the play clock is only forty seconds? In ninety seconds, you could run out the play clock, run a play, and then run out the next play clock. Is that when the ref is throwing the flag?

Maybe they just assume that everyone is watching the playoff games on TV and not paying attention to the radio. But hey, sometimes you run out of Coke and have to go to the store.

[This link would have me point the finger at James Lofton. But I didn't hear a name when I was listening, so I can't be sure.]

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Allen Wedge said...

I'd think the worst penalty would be holding in the endzone in OT right?

or at least unsportsmanlike conduct resulting in an ejection. lose 15 yards and a player