Sunday, January 9, 2011

Name Game (sorry for any confusion)

While I assume 90% of anyone who reads this blog on a consistent basis probably just skips over my posts (or any non-racing posts), I might as well be safe and explain the name change on the blog. Ron Furious was a nickname we gave a guy in college and, after school, I used it as a fun video game and internet alias. But now that we are going to try to get our podcast going on some kind of regular basis (even if just a few times a year), I think it's best to use my real first name.

So... hi. I'm Mike.

Speaking of the podcast, we do have some new ideas for the blog that we're trying to get together and roll out over the course of the new year. I'm pretty excited to enter 2011 with our new name and a new member (Speed Geek). If anyone has any suggestions for us, please feel free to contact us. The 2nd podcast episode will be available the week of Blogathon.

Oh, and now that the Saints and Colts have lost... GO CUBS.

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