Sunday, January 30, 2011

One hour remaining in Daytona (and blogathon)

We have 4 cars still on the lead lap, and Scott Pruett just got the #01 into 3rd place. While the caution obviously helped that team catch up, people shouldn't forget the amazing triple-stint that Joey Hand did, cutting a 50 second gap down to 23 seconds in a matter of maybe an hour on the track.

In the big picture, the Suntrust car could go back to the lead lap with a caution, but not terribly likely. The big battle will be finding out if Barbosa or Pruett can catch Dixon, because he's not far ahead, but hes not losing his gap.

In GT, Dempsey have moved into a podium position now that the 109th Porsche has had issues and fallen out of the top three.

A shame that the Flying Lizard car literally went up in flames; they put down the fastest laps of the day, just a little bum luck on the track with contact. Time to sit down and watch all of this drama unfold.... between commercials for debt management, army, navy, air force and hovaround.... my gosh the Hovaround. for those of you out of the states, here is what you are missing in terms of amazing technology here:

Free to see the world!!

If you ask me, no product should be able to imply "hover" in its name without actually hovering.


Mike said...

Don't forget we need to start our new business tonight!

Pat W said...

What a fantastic chair. We don't have anything like that in the old world.