Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Receivers are supposed to catch, right?

Can someone explain why there have been so many dropped passes in football? It seems like I've seen it more in the NFL this year and now here in the bowl season (with an obvious reference to Arkansas in last night's Sugar Bowl).

It doesn't make sense to me. The colleges are recruiting the top high school receivers in the country, right? Kids who have proven they could catch the ball and then run with it. Also, many of the receivers signing scholarships did not have a quarterback with NCAA-level talent throwing them the ball. So now that Arkansas's receivers have Ryan Mallett getting the ball to them, shouldn't their job be even easier?

I'm a musician, so maybe I just don't understand football and catching. But I do know that when I went to class on my first day of college, the kids in the room were playing their instruments 10 times better than the kids I went to high school with.

So how do we end up with receivers on college and NFL teams who consistently drop passes? There must be kids out there who could've helped Arkansas win that game. All they needed were receivers who could catch.

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