Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sports

I'm five or more hours ahead of many of you guys, so I've had a bit more time to catch a few sports today.

Indoor athletics in Glasgow... well you wouldn't want it to be outdoor in Glasgow in January would you? Anyway I didn't really pay attention, thought it would be something important but it seemed to be a relatively small meet. The BBC commentary did say a man who won the 60 metres in 6.65sec ran a very slow time. I'm sure he was positively jogging.

FA Cup Fourth Round, Southampton v Man Utd. I was writing a blog post during this so 'it was just on'. I'm not a huge fan of the game anyway.

You'd think Man Utd would put this game to bed early but it didn't happen, they weren't in gear, and then it happened - just on the cusp of half time, the Saints scored! Commentary says the man who scored is only at this team because of differences with the manager at Preston, and that manager just happens to be the son of Alex Ferguson.. I bet that felt good. Otherwise though, not a particularly entertaining half.

Michael Owen equalised 20 minutes into the second half, I had no idea he was even at Man Utd.

Then I got bored and stopped watching.

- The Saints reverting back to their original team strip of a white shirt with red diagonal stripe, rather than the usual red/white vertical stripes and forgoing the usual team shirt sponsor to celebrate their 125th anniversary. Great idea, not many teams would do that in this day and age.
- The crowd singing Agadoo for some reason.
- Realising I still don't care about footie unless it is an international, and even then I think I'd rather watch the rugby. Bring on the Six Nations!

Meanwhile, down in npower League One, Brentford 1 v Yeovil 2, my local team beat the team I believe is the local team of my sister's boyfriend. And the winner was scored by my namesake! Still in the relegation zone though, we don't want that.

By the way, I didn't introduce myself but I'm sure you know me, I Watch Too Much Racing. Lovely.

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