Saturday, January 29, 2011


It is 3.40am here in these cold islands. Unlike last year when I managed to reach beyond 5.30am, I'm going to wuss out and go to sleep. Perhaps an energy drink strategy ought to have been deployed rather than a beer strategy but that wasn't ever going to happen. Hopefully this means waking up before lunchtime in order to carry on with whatever sports are happening tomorrow. Er, later today. Will I see the Australian Open? More to the point, will I care? Probably not. I am more disappointed at missing Australia v England.

I hope you enjoy the Mario Kart. Who do I want to win? Clearly I back the Commonwealth, unless they play cricket, so I am rooting for Steph.

I am not seriously expecting to be sent a prize for the Pruett thing, I am just really happy to have won.

Back after these messages.

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99forever said...

I beat Paul two tournaments to one. That's good enough for me. ;)