Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Edmonton City Centre's New IndyCar Track.. and old

So today Edmonton's IndyCar race promoter, Octane, unveiled the new track layout for the race. The layout, worked on by the promoter and NZRConsulting (Tony Cotman) is pretty awesome, especially when in comparison to the old track. It has 2 very long straights, and 3 clear passing zones with possible others.

The buzz is out there; Mike Cockrall, one of the guys behind saving the race, even posted on a familiar forum that he's gotten 150 comments, all positive about the new track. Awesome!

Another site posted a fuzzy screen-capture from Google Maps with numbers to show the locations of circuit turns but it's pretty difficult to read. Since the airport is clear from Google and because the overlay is worth fan's interest to see the track comparison without eye-strain; I decided to start from scratch and even spent more time on it this go-around, and I present to you now:

Ye Official GrabBagSports Super Exclusive, you totally couldn't make by going to GoogleMaps searching 'Edmonton City Centre Airport'  pulling screenshots then merging images and adding arrows, text and nifty Photoshop effects, Edmonton City Centre Track Map:

So what say ye fans? Do you like the new track? the old track? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the new layout. It's a pretty nice looking track with the long straight and stuff.

The Speedgeek said...

I dig it. I like that they managed to keep the twisty bits from the old track (the part that separates the Darios and Powers from the Milkas), while getting rid of the short-ish straights that weren't long enough to promote drafting and therefore passing. I like the introduction of the three long straights (Turn 1 to Turn 3, the backstraight and the very long front straights), which are preceeded by either a mid-speed corner (the backstraight) or slow speed corners (Turn 1 and the last corner before the pits), and then concluded with a slow corner that should be wide enough to allow differing approach lines. Should be a great recipe for good racing.

Good work on the Super Exclusive, Wedge.

Team Canada said...

After the presser was over, I had a chance to talk to many of the media that were present and they were sounding very positive, they liked what they heard and look forward to this summer. It's no shock that many of the media here came predisposed with an attitude against the previous promoter, Northlands, who do a great job at alienating the sports media.
Anyways, thanks for the mention, it looks to be an exciting track and I can't wait to see what the support races and other events will "bring back the buzz".
Mike Cockrall

Pat W said...

Doubling back on a runway is slightly comedic but I'll take anything over what was there. Long straights with hairpins after it is a good idea especially with the level of runoff available, tempt people into overcommitting!

One thing they definitely need to fix, from a TV perspective, is the atmosphere or rather the lack of one. I see there will be grandstands and viewing areas closer to the track this time, that is a great move.

... notes from The EDJE said...

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