Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: The Tecmo Super Bowl Prediction

Well, here we go again.  It's Super Bowl Sunday and I know you're all sitting there hitting refresh, going, "When is he going to post his Tecmo Super Bowl prediction??  I have to know who will win tonight's game!"  Well, your wait is over.

For today's game, I chose to play as the Packers.  I don't really care who wins the game, although I think it would be neat for another QB (Roethlisberger) to have three Super Bowl rings.  I just want to see if people will bring his name up any time they are talking about how amazing Tom Brady is.  However, two years ago I played as the Steelers for my prediction game, so I wanted to try something new this time.

1st Quarter

The Steelers got the ball first and put together a decent drive, including a 34-yard Bubby Brister pass to Eric Green.  This would be Brister's only completion of the game!  This first drive ended with a Jerry Holmes leaping interception, giving the Packers the ball at their 30.

On the first offensive play, Don Majkowski completed a 70-yard touchdown pass to Sterling Sharpe. Packers lead 7-0.

Brister's first pass of the next drive was also picked off by Jerry Holmes.  After a couple of runs, Majkowski hit Sharpe again for a 25-yard score to end the first quarter.  14-0.

2nd Quarter

The Packers started the second quarter with a successful onside kick.  A 35-yard touchdown to Sharpe prompted me to bench the WR for the rest of the game, a move I needed to make to resist the temptation to throw to him every time.  21-0.

Defensive lineman Matt Brock began to dominate on the next possession, blowing up plays in the Steeler backfield on almost every snap.  He ended the game with six tackles for losses and five sacks, more than he had in any of his first four seasons according to his card shown here.  Mark Lee intercepted Brister, and Majkowski led a Sterling-free drive that ended with a Michael Haddix one-yard touchdown. 28-0.

After a bad onside kick, the Steelers finally managed a Gary Anderson field goal at the half.  28-3.



3rd Quarter

The Packers opened the second half with a 60-yard completion from Majkowski to tight end Ed West.  Haddix, in "excellent" condition, followed with a 30-yard touchdown on a screen pass. 35-3.

On the next Steelers possession, Brock kept the pressure on Brsiter, causing him to throw his fourth interception (to Mark Murphy).  Haddix then scored on a 70-yard screen pass to end the quarter.  42-3.

4th Quarter

After a Brock safety put the Packers up 44-3, Green Bay began to get the ball to Sterling Sharpe's replacement: Jeff Query.  Query started the possession with a first down run and then caught a 40-yard touchdown.  51-3.

The Steelers likely experienced deja vu on the couple of series, as Brock caused another safety and Query immediately caught another TD pass, this time for 60 yards.  60-3.

Following a failed onside kick attempt, Merril Hoge broke away for a 50-yard run to score the only Steelers touchdown of the game.  60-10.

The Steelers tried an onside kick, giving Green Bay a short field and allowing running back Darrell Thompson to score on a 50-yard run of his own. 67-10.

Brock ended the game by sacking Brister and causing a fumble, which was recovered by Green Bay.



Passing Leaders
Majkowski -- 90% | 388 yards | 7 touchdowns | 0 interceptions
Brister -- 12% | 34 yards | 0 touchdowns | 4 interceptions

Rushing Leaders
Thompson 7-71
Hoge 4-35

Receiving Leaders
Sharpe 3-128
Green 1-34


The Packers will win the Super Bowl and I will move to 3-0 in Tecmo Super Bowl predictions.

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