Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I Hate

The Brewers.
Having to watch Brewers announcers.
Prince Fielder homeruns vs. the Cubs.
The stupid sliding mascot.

I want to line the slide with razor blades, put a pool of alcohol at the end of the slide, and serve a hanging slider to the Prince.

Lets be clear here: I hate the Brewers.


Mike said...

But I do LOVE watching the Prince get in the way while Rickie Weeks tries to catch a fly ball. Then it's even better when the Brewers announcers ignore the terrible defensive effort by the Brewers when they say the Cubs runner wasn't hustling... and then the next pitch is hit out of the park!! Where is the Brewer homerun slide NOW?!

Am I talking to myself? YES!

Mike said...

Or how about when Zambrano gets a two-out hit to extend the inning and the next hitter hits ANOTHER homerun! Five unearned runs in the inning!

Am I talking to myself AND live-blogging the Cubs/Brewers?? YES!