Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventures in race blogging with a toddler

Given how fervently I clamoured to participate in this year's blogathon, one would tend to assume I'd have been more active up to now.

However, there's one major factor that's new to me this year:  I have a toddler.

I've been balancing between: having her sitting on my lap pointing at the cars and making engine noises; reading books that continually get dropped in my lap while clandestinely keeping one eye on the television; trying to drown out the constantly repeating Alphabet Song emanating from several of her toys at once to keep tabs on the race broadcast; and getting her fed and bathed and changed for bed because, sadly, as awesome as my 13-month-old is, she isn't quite ready to do those things on her own quite yet.

Now, I'm sitting in a darkened living room thinking to myself, "Come on, kid -- go to sleep! I want to put the race back on!"

Ah, well. I'm really just here for the Mario Kart tournament, anyway.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Before you know it, she will be eight years old and posting "Eye of the Tiger" parodies during Blogathon.

By the way, if/when she beats me at Mario Kart, just let me think it was you.