Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blogathon Adventures

This tennis match was taking a LONG time, so I too used the opportunity to get a little rest before my house is again filled with the sounds of non-sleeping children.

Djokovic seemed to have lost control of this one when I fell asleep. Now however, I guess it's in the bag. He's really pretty amazing and I can't believe he isn't more of a household name yet, along the lines of Tiger Woods or even Sampras and Agassi from my day.

But yes, we must thank the evolution of Speed's coverage for my quick return. I fell asleep to quiet race coverage. Yet now we have some on-car camera and it literally sounds like the cars are in my living room. Well, the one car, anyway. At first, I thought I had overloaded my computer and that it was making loud whirring noises, as it likes to do at times. But no, it was just my Blogathon alarm clock.

And I'm back. I need a cookie.

1 comment:

Mike said...

"In the bag" was a bit strong. I just meant he seemed to have the upper hand. Nadal is not making it so easy though.