Sunday, January 29, 2012


What's been happening?

Great to see a fight for the lead between Wilson and Dalziel, and Rahal in the mix too. Reliability is hitting the other cars, hard to see the 02 Ganassi picking up 4 laps but they might get this 'lucky dog' crap. Sorry to see the Spirit car down laps.

I just watched a great one for GT lead between Magnus Racing and Brumos, until the Brumos seemed to have brake problems. Disappointed to see the Lizards down 6 or so laps.

This overnight feed is pretty good isn't it, a camera with a view of the whole track and Hindy & Crew on commentary. I never see the morning at Le Mans so it's great to see it at Daytona.

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Pat W said...

I'm slightly worried I might've switched to Eastern time.