Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dempsey Ultimatium

So Patrick Dempsey says he won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy unless the show agrees to have shooting work around his full time Grand-Am schedule.

Good to see Patrick become a racer who acts, no longer an actor who races... but thats besides the point. While I don't want Brian Johnson quitting his day job in AC/DC, I think racing needs more utimatiums, how about these:

-KV Racing says that if E.J. Viso wrecks anymore he will be forced to go out and pick up all the pieces by himself.

-NASCAR says that unless Kurt Busch keeps his potty mouth clean, he will have to wash his mouth out with soap during pit stops.

-Roger Penske demands that Ryan Briscoe win this Daytona 24, otherwise he's getting the name changed to Kevin Briscoe on all the cars

-Darrell Waltrip demands that "Boogity" be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, until then he will continue to say it repeatedly

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Mike said...

I don't know about Grey's Anatomy, but if I tried to live-blog Emperor's Club, I'd just be posting awesome quotes all night long!