Sunday, January 29, 2012

ESPN Radio

I listened to ESPN Radio for a little while.  They talked about the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl, Brady, Mannings (both Eli and Peyton), and other football stuff.  They talked about Tiger Woods because I guess he almost won a tournament.  They finally mentioned Djokovic's win, but only to compare it to Tiger winning a tournament and what that would do for the game of golf right now.  If he could win one.  They started talking about Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian when I turned it off.  People are going to watch a terrible display of football tonight and have no idea what they missed this morning.

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Allen Wedge said...

That's the real sad case of how the media changes everything unfortunately. The NFL isn't king because its the best sport, its king because it won over the media; same deal with politics, the guys who win and frontrun aren't the best candidates, they just won over the media so they get more coverage.

Sadly so many people won't know of that amazing match. The media only cares about Federer vs. Nadal right now for some reason and that was already over in the semifinals.

Its why golf will die when Tiger retires. Its all a cash grab, same reason reality TV rules, its quick and easy to do.