Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fighting Back

Gianmaria Bruni started near the back (at the back?) and right now he's sitting 10th in GT. A gain of 35 or so positions in 90 minutes, that's pretty good going for a GT field as stacked as this! I'm keeping an eye on this entry, that's a quality line-up in a quality team.

Darren Law seems to be pushing in the #5 Action Express, after that early stop. He's already cleared the entire GT field.

Not sure who at Grand-Am's timing partner decided their live timing site would only show 9 cars in an artifically-limited screen height. When you're used to F1, IndyCar or ACO timing showing 20+ cars it is a bit annoying.

Eurosport just went to a 15-minute break to show handball. Why would you show handball for 15 minutes? They've also completely failed to sync their ad breaks to Speed's, and failed to fade up their pit reporters. I love Eurosport, they've been bringing us all sorts of good stuff on a shoestring for 20 years, I mean don't get me wrong I'm glad they are showing the race at all. Martin Haven's on his usual form, funny stuff, however Carlton Kirby is his usual diabolical self, the man is utterly clueless..


Pat W said...

I've switched to Radio Le Mans

Pat W said...

Okay.. I just completely jinxed Bruni by posting this, didn't I :)

Allen Wedge said...

I believe the announcers will be mentioning you jinxing the team after the next break