Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Racing Season Everyone!

So with 6 root beers, 4 black cherry sodas, bagel bites, sunflower seeds, 2 computers and a TV ready to display some sports, lets hereby declare the 4th Annual Blogathon open, and lets just say it people,  

Racing Season Has Begun!!

I'm looking forward to attempting this 24-25 hr marathon of zaniness, but of course, we'd be remiss if we pretended Mike, Andy and myself were going in this alone. We want to welcome a slew of victims guests this year who will be joining us throughout this festival of sports commentary and whatever-else-ness.

These great people are taking their time to come bunk up at Grab Bag Sports this weekend, but don't miss out on all the amazing news, insights and analysis they provide throughout the year; go visit them at their sites often this year!

Steph Wallcraft - More Front Wing

George Phillips - Oil Pressure

James Black - 16th and Georgetown

Shane Rogers - International Superstar

Michele-Marie Beer - What I'm Thinking and Open Wheel World

Pat Wotton - (I watch) Too Much Racing

Rick - Flat Into One

Doug, Mike and Shaun - Open

Thanks to all of them for joining us and making this event what it is.

For those watching the Daytona 24 Hours; here is your Live Timing and Scoring, and Live Streaming

Bonus behind the scenes interviews with The Racers Group and drivers of all 98 of their cars can be watched live here.

With our apologies to Supercross... Happy Racing Season Everyone!!!


Pat W said...

Let's get this started. :)

Just waiting for our local coverage to get going.

Also I have no idea what to write.

Anonymous said...

Hi to the race fans at home!

Pat W said...

By the way, I've got to plug the live comments at Sidepodcast where I'll also be hanging out: