Saturday, January 28, 2012

Observations So Far

Ok, so first of all, HUGE thanks to everyone who joined us for our 3rd year of blogathon Mario Kart Wii racing. What I think we all learned very quickly is that DJ CraqAttaq is the champ, but the rest of us had a lot of good tight racing for 2nd place, or top in the GT class, if you will.

While we were Mario Karting, I had a 2nd small screen on both the UFC fight and Daytona 24 and have come away with some more observastions:

-I find it interesting that Chael Sonnen gets cheered for... because its not that fans suddenly found him as a likeable guy all of a sudden; but due to the fact that the UFC simply managed to find a guy who is more annoying and hated in Michael Bisping.

-What does that loss mean for Phil Davis? Does he just start going through all the former champs that Jon Jones beat now? Either way, still can't avoid the fact that the guy is awesome in pink shorts.

-Marco Andretti, what can you say. He just tested an IndyCar all morning, didn't even get to Daytona until after 8pm, then jumped in a car he'd never seen before, on a track he's never raced, in a series he hasn't raced in.. and immediately went out there and turned some of the fastest laps we saw... wow.

The thing I come away from this with though, is that its not surprising. Every time Marco was in a ALMS race, and the few times he was in A1GP he looked quite good. He also looked very good at times in IndyCar, but you have to wonder if he simply thrives in out-of-the-box situations better. What I mean to say is that in ALMS, Grand-Am, and even in A1GP (though AGR ran the USA car) he didn't have the same comfort zone of his dad and his singular ride to fall back on, his performance was up for judgement because it directly affected teammates or his ability to keep the ride.

It really makes you wonder how good Marco would be if he didn't race for Andretti Autosport, maybe no better, but as a spectator I'd certainly like to see it.

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