Sunday, January 29, 2012

Respect growing for Marco

Marco's reportedly in the infield care center being treated for dehydration after his last stint.

This is after flying directly from a test at Palm Beach to Daytona, hopping into a car he'd never seen on a track he hadn't run in years, and driving the pants off the thing.

I feel like we've seen a serious maturation in Marco over the past couple of years.  Where he once came across as a playboy who was occasionally a decent a race car driver, he's now finally coming into his own and earning respect from his detractors for being a serious racer.

Maybe that win at Iowa last year turned his career around more than we know.

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Allen Wedge said...

Marco showed this flash many times before (Homestead in 2008 dueling with Dixon) then in Sebring ALMS, and again all his times in Indy. IF he can just pull up the consistency he'd be a force.

What is interesting about Marco is that he is very shy, but driven to do well and always willing to race anything; while Graham Rahal in reality has more of the "pedestal and show" personality that people accuse Marco of. Both good guys, but winning would do a lot in the way of helping Marco get past the reputation.