Friday, January 6, 2012

The Return of Grab Bag Sports

I know what you've been thinking for the past three months.  Where are these losers from Grab Bag Sports?  Well, it's been a really busy time for all of us.  Allen has had a major transition at work, Andy has moved to a new state, and I have been writing my butt off about sports... just not here.

But have no fear.  Things will change soon.  We have the Daytona 24 approaching quickly and are beginning to plan this year's Blogathon and all the activities that will accompany it, including (hopefully) the preview podcast.  You can expect my annual Tecmo Bowl Super Bowl Prediction in a few weeks.  But before all of that happens, we have a major event taking place this very weekend.

I will be here tomorrow night, live-blogging once again, as Charles Barkley hosts another Saturday Night Live.  You can expect my "Charles Barkley head" ratings for each skit and some nonsense commentary.  Hopefully I'll be in a good mood following a Saints playoff win.

It's going to be a fun month here and it starts tomorrow.  Join us!

And by the way, I'm joining the guys in a racing fantasy league, so... get ready to make fun of me more than ever.

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