Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Scott Pruett "Hi to the Family" Sweepstakes

As we get ready to watch our unofficial opening to the racing season today and celebrate all the awesomeness of 24 hours of sports and endurance racing, we're bringing back a good ole tradition of ours.

You see, no matter what you like about The Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, it frankly wouldn't be a fully fledged official Grand-Am race unless Scott Pruett said "hello to my family back home" during an in-race interview. Scott never disappoints, and by no means are we making fun of him; we absolutely love that Scott does it. Its a great show of a guy not only being a racer but also continuing to be a good family man.

By now, we're so sure of Scott's commitment to saying hi to his family that for the 2nd year in a row, we're holding a sweepstakes for all our fans (disclaimer: you don't have to actually be a fan of ours to play or win).

How to Enter:

Simply click on the comments below and predict when within the 24 hours of the race Scott will say hello to his family.

The race will start at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time this year and end 24 hours later; so all you have to do is pick a time between then (use ET).

The person who is the closest wins (none of that Price is Right "without going over" nonsense).

Actual disclaimer: We do not count if he does it in pre-race interviews, only in-race interviews.

The winner will receive one, some or any of the following:
- Grand Am decals or a flag
- A 2012 IndyCar calendar
- Bacon flavored pop-corn
- Some Hot Wheels, likely IndyCar (we'd get Grand-Am ones if they made them)
- Or you can forfeit those and go for the Top Gear official board game!

Only 1 entry per person, and we'll accept entries all the way up until Scott says hi.

Oh, and hello to our families back home :)


ACE said...
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ACE said...

After his first stint, while being interviewed.

Phillyfan4ever said...

9:30pm ET

Jim said...

7:25pm ET

Allen Wedge said...

Hey mjc, we need a time, I'm not sure when Pruett is driving that car in order, but if you can figure it out, a general stint is 2-1/2 hrs so you can figure out a time to guess from that.

ACE said...

6pm EST

Kyle Lewis said...

5 pm

Anonymous said...

I predict he doesn't say it. He'll get it out of the way in the pre-race interview which is against the rules of this contest.

Unknown said...

6:30 ET

Pat W said...

8:34pm ET

Goose said...

7:50 pm ET

The Speedgeek said...

Goddammit. Scott said it at 2:48 EST, during the pre-race. Are we counting that? Seems like a cheat to me.

Allen Wedge said...

you don't even read your own blog good sir :) pre-race doesn't count, we want the first in-race hello to the family.

Mike said...

4:14 EST. (Except I won't take the prize if I win.)

PipSTA said...

6.27 PM