Saturday, January 28, 2012


Blame a poor caffeine and pre-race sleep strategy, blame having to work Monday, I can't stay awake another 16 hours after being up for 18 so I'll get a bit of kip now.

Mario Kart was great fun! Promised myself I wouldn't stay up to 4am this year like I did last, so I could wake up earlier for a long run to the finish. The pull of Mario Kart was just too strong, and it was absolutely worth it.

I've set my alarm to wake up in about 6 hours, but I know me so it might be a couple of hours later. In the fridge is a 500ml can of Relentless energy drink I could deploy, in the morning. Netbook in bed.. that's an option. I'm rambling.

I'll probably miss the tennis.. but that's okay, I hate tennis. Back and forth, one end to the other, over and over again.

Come on McNish and Popow, might've been a bad idea to pick two drivers from one car for my ARFL team and I'm relying on you guys to not screw it up.

Enjoy Drivel!

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