Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silly Cautions

Would like to announce that I have dropped an olive on the ground and will be declaring a full course caution! Honestly, you can tell who pulls the strings for this championship. Some of these full course cautions are ridiculous and allowing all of these cars to catch back up. Heard a great comment on the SPEED coverage tonight that it was all about making it to the last caution and shooting it out from there.

While I think Grand-Am has certainly stepped up their game here in the states, I believe we need to evaluate how we throw these flags. Shouldn't be surprised I guess.

Other than that, this race has been pretty good with some heavy traffic jams! Big shout outs to Marco Andretti, Travis Pastrana, and Anders Krohn! Only what, 16 hours left? Roll on!


The Speedgeek said...

This is quite true. While it was cool to have five cars on the lead lap at the end of last year's race, you had to look at how that happened: repeated cautions that kept the field bunched and kept the leaders from ever lapping too deep into the field (not that the leading cars are that much faster than the backmarkers at this point, anyway). Whatever. I guess it's decent entertainment, if you are starved for racing (which I most certainly am), but it doesn't compare to the days of Mad Max Papis repeatedly unlapping himself in an attempt to run down the leading cars with no help from the flagstand.

Pat W said...

They do seem to take an age to align the field when they're actually ready to go. This is an endurance race, stop making the queue look pretty and send them!

Allen Wedge said...

the problem is the new Grand-Am procedure requires 10 minutes of caution no matter how big or small the reason for the yellow is, they have to re-align both classes separately, then let both classes pit separately, then realign them separately before going back green