Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still Suspended in Australia

So I totally decided to take a little nap, which went a little long, because of the rain delay, and when I wake up theres a million kids on the court with towels wiping up the rain... oddly enough this isn't a ridiculous dream scenairo. It turns out the match still hasn't ended, which is cool for me, and we're still tied in the 4th set 4-4 with Djokovic up 2-1 overall and still wanting to finish up his 5th major.

Over in Daytona, attrition is still king as we're down to only 3 cars on the lead lap, and 4th place is 2 laps back, but as the saying goes... there is still PLENTY race left before this is over. Sadly though SPEED's online coverage that was great last night has turned into only a selection of on-board cameras now so you get that plus timing and scoring... which makes it a little difficult to decipher whats going on out there.

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