Sunday, January 29, 2012

To a 5th Set We Go!!! - Fun With Slow-Motion

This match has been so good on the court, you almost wonder if Australian Open official left the roof open on purpose to delay the match for more primetime play in all countries.

Either way I'm happy to just continue watching these play at such a high level.

All that said, my biggest takeaway from tonight/this morning's coverage so far is not the high level of play, the rain, or even the army of 300 12 year old boys drying up rain with tissues; its that the production crew for tennis clearly have NO IDEA what slow motion is supposed to be used for. In this match here are the things you can expect to get super high def slow motion shots of after a point:

-Wiping sweat off with towel
-Pumping fist after a point
-Swearing after a point
-Shoes walking around
-Player looking up into sky
-Some dude in the stands eating a sandwich
-Girl in stand sending a text message
-Usher telling someone they can't enter the stands yet
-Ball boy staying perfectly still concentrating on ball
-Player making a weird face
-Girl in stands rolling her eyes after her boyfriend just claimed he could totally do this
-Fat giggling on a guy itching his belly in the front row

I may or may not have made some of those up... but the way this production crew works, none of them would surprise me being shown well before a slow motion shot of a good play.

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Mike said...

I liked the shot of the two water bottles.