Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the nightshift

Evening everybody,

Deputy Captain and International Superstar, Shane Rogers, speaking.

We'll be cruising into the overnight at top speed, with our destination being the AM, after a stop at the Australian Open Men's Tennis Final at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

In the meantime, feel free to join in our on board entertainment, which is basically me chucking this thing into Autopilot, and telling a wide variety of dad jokes. You will laugh, or you will GO TO YOUR ROOM.

If you're playing drinking games based on my blog posts, the key phrases are "track density," "discretion," and "cricket."

The schedule at the Tennis today:
* The Mixed Doubles Final between that involves four people you've never heard of before is at 16:30AEDT/00:30ET
* The Men's Singles final between Novak ("I may look like the IT guy but I can hit a ball better than I can install anti-virus definitions") Djokovic, and Rafa ("Can you girls stop fainting when I take my shirt off, it's really distracting") Nadal. This starts at 19:30AEDT/03:30ET.

To paraphrase Pink, "it's just you and [Joey] Hand tonight."

See you soon.


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The Speedgeek said...

Ahh, Shane. Welcome back to Blogathon. It's like Christmas came 4 weeks late or something. We're in good hands tonight here, folks.