Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The World Calls The Thrilling Indy 500 Finish

So I'm pretty sure unless you're part of the .00001% of bored angsty messageboard lurker, you and 99.9999% of the world found the 2012 Indy 500 thrilling, exciting, unpredictable, and one of the best motor races of any kind in quite some time. But one of the great aspects of IndyCar is that it has driver's representing 14+ countries and fans across the globe, which means many places have their own coverage of it.

If Takuma Sato, Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti's last laps duel wasn't enough in your home country, see how it went down across the world. They are all very much unique, so you make the call, who was the best?


U.S.A. - Radio  (skip to 13:25)




Spanish SAP (Latin America)


No matter which is your favorite, as a world we all felt the adrenaline and excitment and disappointment for Sato, truly one of the most thrilling sporting events of the year.

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