Monday, January 21, 2013

Blogathon 2013 Preview Podcast

Click here for the Blogathon 2013 schedule of events.

Here is our annual podcast, previewing this year's Blogathon. Let us know if you plan to play Mario Kart or watch Kart Racer with us.


Pat W said...

Ohhh. Now the name Jazz makes much more sense.

There's India v England in One Day cricket in your small hours, my early-hours-for-a-Sunday.
The FA Cup is on too.

For me the Dubai 24 Hours was the start of the season (they had Bleekemolen, Schneider and others) but yeah, Daytona has the history and the star names and it is growing in stature again, especially from next year with the merger.

Good show (the bits I understood!).

Pat W said...

Heh, I'd love to do Mario Kart but it starts at 3am GMT this year so we'll see how awake I am at that time. :)

I guess Mike on a racing podcast would be like me on an NFL podcast, except Mike would talk. You guys should definitely do that!

Mike said...

Thanks for listening, Pat!

Honestly, I'm not against joining the guys for a podcast if they do get something together. I would hate to ruin it in any way; on my other podcasts, I at least know what I'm talking about. I'd be pretty lost here and would have to lay out during the racing talk. But if there were room for other sports topics, I could contribute some at least.

If they find the time to get one going, I'm up for background co-hosting duties.