Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blogathon is Limerick Time!

(Be sure to check out our Blogathon 2013 schedule of events and our annual podcast.)

During Blogathon a few years ago, while in a sleep-deprived state of doughnut and racing bliss, I typed up a quick limerick. Since then I've added a few each year. So this year, I'd like to invite others to join in. Feel free to submit your own limericks or give me racing names/topics to use in my stupid poems. I may not know anything about racing, but I'm an expert at semi-mediocre writing!

Here are a few blasts from Blogathons past:

When a man's name is Freddy Poordad,
You would think he could not be more sad.
But I gave him a beer,
Then ol' Fred filled with cheer,
And, oh, what a night we sure had!


We've all heard of Allan McNish,
The man who ate off a big dish
'Til the dish fell and broke,
Causing Allan to choke
On the tartar sauce from his McFish.


There once was a man named Scott Pruett
With more gum than he knew what to do with.
He had so many packs,
He had piles, he had stacks,
But no teeth, so no way he could chew it!

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