Sunday, January 27, 2013

Car Crazy and Truck U

Took a quick nap after tennis, happy that my post about not caring who wins was actually the turning point that led to Djokovic's victory. My son and I are checking out some crappie fishing show. It's not a crappy show at all, they're just in Tennessee and are catching mostly crappie. (Funny that whenever we go to try and catch crappie ourselves, our trip is usually pretty crappy. Maybe I need a new spot this spring...)

Anyway, we were also checking this Car Crazy show on Speed, which was followed by Truck U. It's easy to see why they couldn't have race coverage right now. These shows are very important to race fans, who I am positive would much rather watch this than a live event featuring some of the best drivers throughout various racing leagues.

Well, it's Blogathon and we want sports. Time to find our other options.And by other options, I mean sports television that does not feature Ray Lewis interviews, which is what ESPN will be airing for the next week.

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