Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daytona 24 Hours - At 1/4th Distance

We're just now a quarter of the way through the 24 Hours of Daytona, and while it's been sort of a chaotic race (as it tends to be, really), we've got some general storylines:

- As somewhat expected, Ganassi is the team to beat. All of the non-BMW engined teams have been talking about how they can't come close to touching the BMWs on the straights. That said, for all the complaining, and even given the fact that the Ganassi cars have led 142 of the first 192 laps, there are still five Corvette DPs and two Ford/Rileys either on the lead lap or one lap down. This still feels wide open to me. Well, unless the Ganassis have another gear we have yet to see...

- GT has been a more wide open affair, with laps led by Porsches, Ferraris and the Stevenson Camaro. At the moment, among the cars in the top-10, there are two Ferraris (running 1-2), five Porsches and three Audis, and all appear to be on the lead lap. This one is a long, long way from over.

- GX has played out almost exactly as most (myself included) figured: the Porsches have dominated, with the Napleton #16 Cayman out front for most of the day (leading 157 of the first 169 laps), and the Mazdas all broke before two hours were up. There may yet be a good intramural battle in this class, but there are only three cars left with 18 hours to go.

More in a few hours!

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Pat W said...

Reasonable race. Not stellar but not boring. I find it harder to follow than Le Mans. Speed really aren't very good at giving us the whole picture and RLM (who I've focussed on) are better but hamstrung by not being on site.

DP should be close for hours yet.
Sorry to see the old Peugeot line-up in the 8 Star car have their race ruined early. 48 laps down? MSR are 6 laps back, not good.

A lot of GTs hit trouble early so anything can happen yet.

Even I didn't think the Mazda GXs would be out so early.

I got as far as 3am GMT, longer than I thought, but now I need to sleep so I'll pick it up again in 6 or 7 hours.