Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Daytona 7/8ths Distance Post

Just a quick post here before Mike and the Clan Furious arrive with some delicious BBQ. We've got a good one on our hands here, with the top-3 nearly nose-to-tail (though Scott Pruett just sliced through the top-5 in the course of a half dozen laps and drove away in the #01), several other cars on the lead lap, and the #02 Ganassi car out of the race. In GT, we've got a wide open affair, with like 6 cars on the lead lap, with Porsche, Ferrari and Audi all represented. Only GX, which is still led by the #16 Napleton Porsche Cayman is a snoozer with three hours to go. This is gonna get great. Well, unless the #01 has some extra speed that we've yet to see, or if it runs problem free and heads off toward the horizon.

Anyway, buckle in. Three hours is a lot of racing to have left!

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