Saturday, January 26, 2013

Superheroes get free donuts!

Ok so thus concludes a night of UFC fights. Here's what I've learned. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson could probably fight 50 rounds if he needed to, that dude is probably going to be champion for a while just because his opponent can't keep up with his 100mph speed 100% all 5 round style.

Glover Texeira put a very safe but dominant route to likely ending Rampage Jackson's time in the UFC.

Anthony Pettis is going to get a rematch with Benson Henderson, but moreso, he proved that the showtime kick technique off the fence is no fluke, as he took Cerrone down with a combination starting on a flying knee off the fence. I honestly never thought I'd see Cerrone go down in the first round of a fight, he has a good chin, but he does go into some fights careless, but in this case Pettis just landed a great unblocked kick to his side.

Poor, poor Eric Koch... Dude was scheduled to fight for the championship against Jose Aldo until Aldo got injured, then they rescheduled and just before the fight he got injured, and then he ran into one giant setback in Ricardo Lamas tonight.

the last thing I learned... when you Google Mighty Mouse, you find out that apparently the old cartoon mouse was drawn as hopped up on drugs...

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