Sunday, January 27, 2013

The only annoying part of the Manti Te'o story

Its not the story itself, its not people jumping to conclusions, its not the lying from Manti, his dad, its not the media still refusing to give Deadspin the credit they deserve...

The media and everyone covering this story REALLY need to stop referring to Lennay Kekua as if it were a real person.

they're all like, "Then Lennay called Manti" or "later after her car accident.." "then she passed away..."No idiots, no one died, no girl called Manti, stop talking about a fake person as if they are real!

They should be saying "Then Ronnie tuiasuoppo called Manti and pretended to be a girl," "Then Ronnie told Manti she had a car accident" "Then Ronnie told Manti she was dead... somehow..."  That last part is still the part of the story I really don't get.

How did Ronnie tell Manti she died, how'd he pull that off and convince Manti without any obituary, or being about to email him an "I am dead" message?

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Mike said...

I thought the theory that it was him talking like a girl only lasted for like 12 hours? Apparently it was a female cousin doing the talking. Right after that interview where he said it was him in falsetto, four voice experts shot that down and then (I thought) the guy and/or his lawyer came clean and said it wasn't him talking.

This is why I don't care right now. It's like 9/11. Just give me the damn commission report when it's ready.