Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top Five Athletes: Current Sitcom Characters

If I had to put together a starting basketball line-up consisting of current sitcom characters, these would be my top five athletes.

1. Jim (The Office) - We've already seen him ball it up way back in Season One. Plus he made that football movie with George Clooney. Sure it was a different character, but it still helps him make my team. (Note: If you saw Daryl kill the fish last week, you know he won't make my team.)

2. Andy (Parks and Rec) - Caught a touchdown pass from Andrew Luck last week. Good size, good dude. He needs to be on the team.

3. James Van der Beek (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23) - Probably not the best shooter, but the man mastered his routine for Dancing With the Stars. I like his footwork and his confidence.

4. Cam (Modern Family) - My round mound of rebound, I'd be counting on him to pull the ball off the boards.

5. Marshall (How I Met Your Mother) - Played sports in high school and currently has a team in a league after work. He'd be my top scorer for sure.

Anyone I missed?

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